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to me BBC 1967 "You're too disabled to become a cameraman"
to me BBC 1990 "You're not disabled enough to be considered disabled"
by me 1997 "My site contains a mainly photographic record of my life as one of only a handful of disabled professional film cameramen. As far as I am aware, in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, I was the only working professional lighting cameraman with a mobility disability in the world. It is important to point out that I do not mean filmmaker, there were, and are, many more people with different severities of disability who were making films during that period. If you think my claim is egotistical, overblown or just plain wrong, please get in touch and tell me why.
The Brief Text History of Me  page gives fuller details but the pictures are better!"
by me about portrayal of disabled people on TV circa 1999 "They must be individuals or groups who are (delete as required): plucky / brave / dauntless /valiant / etc. but oppressed / discriminated against / outraged / persecuted and only capable of making programmes about individuals or groups who are plucky / brave / dauntless / valiant / etc but oppressed / discriminated against / outraged / persecuted"
by me to someone questioning whether they were disabled 2003 "Yes, you are. You might not feel disabled, you may not think you are disabled, you may not look disabled but you will now be categorised by the majority of society as disabled who will use it as either a weapon or a commendation. As time passes, you will find that sometimes people are truthful enough to tell you to your face that you can't do this or that but mainly you will find barriers of the mind which while not necessarily closing doors will just fail to open them."
by me 2007 "You ask who inspires me - nobody and everybody, nobody in particular and everybody who I meet, talk to, write to as almost everybody does something good, something helpful, something decent, something creative, something to inspire in his or her life. Sometimes it is just a tiny act in lifetime of evil but that can often be more inspirational for humanity that a lifetime of boring righteousness. "
by me, anonymously unfortunately, to Broadcast magazine about commissioning editors 2007 "Risk that new idea, risk losing your job but risk being remembered for commissioning The One"
by me 2008 about lack of broadcast visual literacy "Never mind the pictures, just listen to the words"
by me 2010 "While craft skills can never replace content, craft skills will always enhance content."

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